Crusty t-shirt or super-mom kind of day?

Lately I’m swinging between attempting to be super-mom with a clean house, a stylish outfit and washed AND fixed hair and make-up who is on time with two cuties in tow wearing coordinating onesies and adorable headbands (like this is even attainable!) and being a hermit who sleeps when the babies sleep, hasn’t made the beds or done laundry in a week and has been in the same spit-up encrusted t-shirt and ponytail for the past 72 hours. Today I’m leaning more to the hermit and slob end of the spectrum, but I woke up with full-intentions of staying on the super-mom end.

Sadly, this aspiration ended with epic failure.  I shouldn’t be surprised–setting your expectations too high always does, but this is a lesson I’m having to learn the hard way.  I attempted to go to a morning Bible study that started at 9:00, and somehow it slipped my mind when I signed up that getting all 3 of us dressed and out the door with smiles at this time of the day is next to impossible.  Somehow, I managed to leave by 9:05, which meant I’d only be 20 minutes late by the time I got both car seats and the diaper bag and my purse up the stairs to the study.  Granted, I was wearing a hat to hide the disaster that comes from sleeping with damp hair (BAD idea, but when babies fuss most of the evening, you count your blessings that you had time to shower!), but everything else was pulled together.  I had the girls in cute outfits with headbands, and I remembered pacifiers and my study book and even my cell phone.

I forgot to take into consideration, though, that it was most definitely nap time for both babies.  My sweet Munchkin 2 is not a fan of her car seat, and she is very challenging to put to sleep without nursing or walking the floor for a bit when she is tired.  She also is not a fan of other people trying to put her to sleep or comfort her when she is upset.  In fact, she even went on a nursing strike two weeks ago after a 45 minute stretch of fussing and attempted soothing by other well-meaning friends.  I think we may have a future political activist on our hands. . .a nursing strike at 4 and a half months old is a sign of a passionate little girl!!  As I pulled up to the church after my precious girl fussed the entire way there, I decided to head on to pick up a frozen latte at Human Bean since it was double punch day and go back home for naps.  Poor baby fussed the whole way back home, and I have to say I felt somewhat defeated when I came through the door after getting us all ready for a coffee run.

Could I have easily gone ahead and done the study?  Absolutely, but I wasn’t willing to be the one in the back with the fussing baby the whole time.  Had I put her in the nursery, I know she would have only gotten worse–I’ve learned that from experience.  Would anyone have minded that I was late and had one (maybe two!) fussing babies?  Probably not.  I think everyone is sympathetic and understanding with mamas with little ones.  Would I have enjoyed it?  There’s the kicker–I decided the social interaction and enjoyment I’d get out of my hour and forty minutes out of the house would have been overshadowed by throwing off our nap schedule AND fighting with a tired baby the whole time.  It’s pretty tough to focus and learn much when you’re distracted!!

So here’s my struggle–do I chalk this up as a failure and wave the white flag, deciding to live on the hermit end of the spectrum in my sweats and crusty t-shirts forever?  Or do I simply accept that this wasn’t the best decision for the three of us at this point and find a way to be a semi-super mama who leaves the house and gets out when it’s more convenient for all of us?

I’m sure this is a struggle for all mamas with young kids, and I have a feeling it’s one that is always evolving.  Maybe we all just need to do our best every day and accept that there will be days when it’s okay to be a hermit with sleep in your eyes and babies dressed in last night’s onesies because it’s what’s best for everyone.  Enjoy those super-mom days when everything clicks and you have the energy to take on the world, and if they never happen, so be it.  There is no sense in stressing over attaining unrealistic expectations!

Here is my one success for the day:

Both sweet girls napping in their cribs listening to Pandora lullabies on my iPad. Love it!

Ha–someone woke up just as I added the picture!  Here’s to leaving my philosophical thoughts and returning back to a wonderful, spit-up encrusted t-shirt kind of day.  I am in my sweet spot!

PS  Here is what I found when I went to get the girls.  Someone most definitely kicked her sister in the head!


8 thoughts on “Crusty t-shirt or super-mom kind of day?

  1. My boys are 3 & 5 and getting out with them is still a struggle!! Kudos to you for attempting this with 2 babies.

  2. You’re a super-mom everyday whether you leave the house or not! You have twins! The amount of energy and patience it takes to raise your two precious little ones could not come from someone who is not a super-mom. Like I’ve already told you… I am amazed that you are even willing to get out of the house on your own at all at that age. I wasn’t nearly as brave as you are! Hats off to you super-mom (crusty t-shirts and all)!

  3. Hang in there. When Ashley was a baby I couldn’t even get out of the house before noon and I didn’t even bother with the looking cute part. You just keep putting those little girls first. You’re doing great. I love reading your blog.

  4. Jan Fairchild

    You are doing just fine. I went through all of those emotions and more when my first was born (and I wasn’t even dealing with twins). There were things that were uber-important before he was born (like a clean house and everything done and in its place in and efficient manner) that had to be moved to the bottom of the priority list. I had a new #1 on that list and it was my baby who needed me. Then it occurred to me one day that “this too shall pass.” But it also occurred to me that I would never get those precious times back as time marches on all too quickly. So savor every moment (the good, the bad, and the crusty) and NEVER, NEVER feel guilty for not having a perfect house, a four course meal on the table at exactly five o’clock, or being on time. You are doing fine. Your babies are beautiful, and you are a terrific mother. 🙂

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