Swimming Solo and Revenge of the Baby Gear

Enjoying the peace and quiet of two sweetly sleeping little girls. . .and I got them there all by myself. . .talk about a victory!  I think it might even be something I’m more proud of than running my first marathon or surviving my first trip out of the house with the girls by myself (both major accomplishments in their own right).  I’ve been on my own since a little before 7:00 a.m. this morning, and somehow, we are all still alive and happy.

I feel like I should go to bed. . .read a book, watch t.v. without a baby on my lap or shoulder, go to sleep. . .but this peace and quiet is so wonderful and rare that I feel like I MUST do SOMETHING to savor it!

I set my standards VERY low for this first of three nights and days alone, and it was the right move.  In fact, I did nothing other than shower, feed babies, dress babies, change babies, bathe babies, feed dogs, feed myself, pick up just enough to keep from tripping and dying, play Angry Birds, watch terribly trashy reality t.v. and doze while watching this trashy t.v. with two sleeping little girls on my lap.  That was my day–nothing more!  I don’t think I even brushed my teeth until after lunch.  It was perfect!  I have decided that keeping myself relaxed and as stress-free as possible will put me in the optimum mindset to be patient and loving with my precious little munchkins for the 84 hours we’ll be alone (down to 70 now!).  If that means spending all day on the couch nursing babies, watching trash t.v. and playing Angry Birds, then I’m game.

Thank goodness this isn’t a permanent arrangement. . .I can’t imagine what kind of TLC documentary I’d become if I kept this up much longer than three days. . .

On another note, our baby clutter finally took its first casualty last week.  Dustin and I have been joking that our house looks like it was hit by a Babies-R-Us tornado, and somehow our baby gear seems to be multiplying like rabbits.  We have no less than two bouncy chairs, two high chairs, four double strollers, two car seats, one exersaucer, one jump-a-roo, one activity mat, one pack-n-play, two Bumbo seats, two Boppy pillows and a pile of blankets, burp rags and toys floating around OUTSIDE of the girls’ nursery. I know. . .it’s a little ridiculous.

So, the other night when I was on the couch nursing babies, I heard this terrible crash that sounded something like a combination of a 6’2″ man hitting the ground, a toy koala and monkey rattling and a cheerful rendition of “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider.”  Dustin, ever the comedian, yelled out, “Man down!” before laughing and moaning and limping to the living room to tell how the zoo-themed bouncy chair with the musical toy bar was in the middle of our dark bedroom.  It’s a wonder that it took almost 5 months to have our first mishap!

I always love to hear from you. . .any triumphant moments as a parent or terrible mishaps with baby gear?


4 thoughts on “Swimming Solo and Revenge of the Baby Gear

  1. Your blogs make me laugh every time! It’s like reading how my life was a few short months ago. You’re doing a fabulous job – it gets easier and better for sure!

    By the way our house is exactly the same way too including our backyard now. We refer to our house as Neverland!!!

    • Thanks! I wish you were closer so we could share more twin adventures and get the girls together! Ha–Neverland–I love it! We thought we’d be able to lose some gear when we got new gear, but that has yet to happen. . .we still use it all!
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  2. Melissa McMahan

    Ryan just caught one of the legs of our bouncy chair right between his toes last night. I told myself I wouldn’t have the house all cluttered with baby stuff. I hate cleaning up everything each day, so I have learned to live with the colorful activity mats, bouncers and toys while it all clashes with my home decor:)

    We need to get together soon, maybe next week? Oh, and if you’re feeling brave and up for an adventure, maybe we can venture out to Boyd…

    • Poor Ryan!! And I’m with you–there’s no point in picking it all up at night just to drag it all out the next morning! I miss you lots–next week works for me! I’ll text you. 🙂

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