Ten Hilarious Reason Kids Throw Tantrums

Oh toddlers…and middle schoolers…and even adults some days!  The following reasons for tantrums were submitted on the Living in the Deep End Facebook page or have happened in my house.  Enjoy!

10.  My twin looked at me! My life is over!

9.  My twin didn’t look at me!  My life is over!

8.  You’re making me go to a parade! No one has fun at those things! You’re the worst mother ever!

7.  You took off my clothes before my bath!  How dare you!

6.  You gave me the wrong towel!  My life is over!

5.  Someone pooped in my diaper!  How dare they!

4.  You expect me to smile for a picture? In a teacup?  This is ridiculous! (See photo below).

3.  You replaced the old bathroom floor with a new, improved floor! How dare you change things on me!

2.  You took away my imaginary friend!  My life is over!

1.  I want to fly up and touch the stars!  What do you mean I don’t have wings? My life is ruined!

Life is so hard…any tantrums you’d add to the list?


9 thoughts on “Ten Hilarious Reason Kids Throw Tantrums

  1. I used to be able to look at my sister and make her cry…oh the power.

  2. You’re making me sit down in my chair! Mean Mama! Great job, as always, my friend!

  3. Ha! This made me laugh out loud 🙂 I especially love the crying teacup picture. Reminds me of trying to take pictures of my twins where they’re both smiling. Definitely a challenge, especially if you’re trying to pose them! …What? Why are we being propped on pillows? What is that black box (camera)? I’m done with this! [cry]

  4. Cutting a sandwich in squares instead of triangles was nearly the end of the world!

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