The Gnome on the Nightstand…or the Hobbit on the Hearth?

I’ve been slightly overwhelmed with choosing from the barrage of Christmas trends like on Elf on the Shelf and all of the replacement options (troll on the toaster, munchkin on the mantle, you know, insert-name-of-small-creature-on-a-household-object that you use with your children during December).

Then there’s the question of doing “Santa” or not with your kids, how many gifts your kids should recieve, how to instill a spirit of giving during a time of materialism…

Thankfully all of my discussions have been friendly and judgement free, but I’ve heard of a few conversations, particularly related to doing/not doing a traditional “Santa” with your children, that have been flashbacks to junior high mean girls in the cafeteria.

What’s a parent to do?  How do you choose what is best for your family?  What if your choice is wrong and leads to scarred, therapy-couch-dwelling children who blame your twisted Christmas traditions as the root of their issues?

And once you choose, do you tell anyone?  Do you opt for a tropical vacation for the month of December to avoid any heated discussions? (Can I get a whoop whoop for that? Sign me up!). Run the other way when you see a frenemy coming in the grocery store so you don’t get an earful? Keep all holiday related posts off of Facebook before your status update is high jacked by a disapproving friend?

Argh!  Did my parents’ generation overthink things like my generation?  (Personally, I think my generation is the ultimate example of attempting to get everything perfect at the sake of our common sense and sanity, but that’s another blog).

I have thought about our family’s newly beginning Christmas traditions lately.  Lots.  Entirely more than necessary.

In the midst of all of my highly productive fretting, I’ve wasted a tremendous amount of time and have come to the following conclusions:

As long as your children are safe, warm and know they are loved this Christmas, you are doing the important things right.

One Christmas season of a terrible tradition won’t screw up your kids forever…I hope.  (My kids are too young for me to be accountable for that statement.)

Whatever traditions you choose to do (or not do) are your personal choice.  If you choose to share your traditions with someone or are forced to in an awkward confrontation at the grocery store, don’t roll your eyes at your friend when she tells you what her troll-on-the-porch left for her kids to find last night if you decided to do the dwarf-in-the-drawer instead.

If you’re undecided, google it.  No, really–there are some interesting blogs out there with all different view points to help you choose what is right for your family and the pros and cons to many popular traditions.  (This is exactly why my generation overthinks everything…we have way too much information at our fingertips!).

But most importantly, enjoy this season with your kids–it will go by all too quickly!

Have you encountered any interesting conversations related to your holiday choices?  (No debates, please–this is a judgement free zone.  We love Santa/no Santa houses and all small beings on shelves/ledges/cabinets/porches equally).


6 thoughts on “The Gnome on the Nightstand…or the Hobbit on the Hearth?

  1. One of my favorite traditions started when my kids were babies – – on Dec. 6 (St. Nicholas Day) each year, we leave a Christmas ornament in one of their shoes with a candy cane and a few chocolates. Now that the boys are 20 and my daughter is 14, they each have quite a collection that they can take with them some day. I still have all my ornaments from childhood and look forward to seeing them, even if they don’t all make it on to the tree.

    • I love that idea! My mom and grandmothers always gave us ornaments each year that I took with me when I left home, and I love seeing them on my tree now. I think putting it in their shoes is so fun. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I remember finding out about Santa in Sunday School, no less, at about age 9! I was disappointed! So when my children came along, I talked about the “Spirit of Santa”. I left off the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Rabbit, it just seemed too far of a stretch to “sell” to my two!

  3. Twins..?

    • Thanks for stopping by! And yes–I have twin toddlers. Because this is a parenting blog and I am a parent of twins, I always tag my parenting posts with “twins” because I believe it is relevant. Hope that helps. 🙂

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