Five Minute Alphabet Activity for Toddlers

I always love finding a quick and easy learning activity to do with my munchkins.  Maybe it satisfies the teacher part of my brain or gives us something different to mix up our daily routine.  Either way, here is a very quick and easy activity I did with my girls last week. It focuses on capital letter recognition, color recognition and alphabetical order. Kids will be active during the activity, too, so it’s great for a snowy morning when you’re stuck inside. 

All you need is scissors, 13 pages of some kind of colored paper and a marker.

I then cut the pages into half sheets so I’d have 26 half sheets.  I tried to mix the colors in so I’d have a big assortment of colors that my girls would recognize, but you could do this with plain white paper, too.

I sat on the floor with my girls while I wrote a large capital letter on each page.  I talked about the shape and name of each letter while I wrote. (I think my almost two year olds only listened to one letter each before running away with a paper with a letter on it.)

For older kids who know all 26 capital letters, you can do lower case letters only or could write the pair of lower and upper case letters.  

We then laid all of the letters in a long line across the floor in alphabetical order.  I said each letter name when I put it down, and if one was missing, I’d send the munchkins to look for it and help me put it in the right place.

I then showed the girls how to sing the alphabet and hop from one letter to the next as they sang the song. I had them hop behind me, then I carried each child and helped her hop on to the correct letter while we sang the song. They really loved this!

I then had them try.

You can see the letters got a little mixed up and layered, but the girls still had fun. 

I did a littler scavenger hunt for them at the end.  I first asked each one to find me a specific letter. If they didn’t get the correct one, I helped them find the correct one and then pointed out the differences in the two letters so they’d have a little better understanding. We specifically practiced E and F last time.

We also did a color sort at the end, stacking all the blue letters, then the red, etc.  

I made sure to pick up the letters pretty soon after the girls lost interest so I’d have them to use again in the future.  They’ve asked for their alphabet two different days now!  I think I’ve had to replace two or three letters, but it was fast and easy.

Even if your toddlers or older kids only play for a few minutes, at least you didn’t spend much time creating an activity.  And it’s a pretty easy way to help them learn the alphabet song and at least one new letter every time!


7 thoughts on “Five Minute Alphabet Activity for Toddlers

  1. That is an excellent idea! Both educational and fun. Plus, it’s a great parent/child bonding activity. I’m going to pass this idea on to some other mothers I know.

  2. Looks like fun! Alphabet song plus physical activity–and that smile 🙂

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