This Valentine’s Day, Show Twin Mamas a Little Love!

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When you have twins, any trip out in public seems to invite comments from complete strangers.  The grocery store, the library, a restaurant.  You name it, and I can promise it will be a place where someone has shared some tidbit of advice or something with me about my children.

Don’t get me wrong–I am so grateful for my babies, and I generally appreciate kindness and interest from fellow grocery shoppers or cashiers or waiters.  I get it!  My girls are sweet and you’d love to tell me.  Most of the time it doesn’t bother me and actually sometimes makes my day.

But there are those people out there who want to point out the negatives that come with having twins as if those of us who are twin parents DON’T have a clue what we have in store for us.

For example, yelling, “Oh, double trouble!” and nothing else when my grocery cart passes you in the store is just rude.  Tacky.  Inappropriate.

Just because “double” rhymes with “trouble” and is kind of catchy doesn’t mean you need to repeat it to me at any random moment while I’m minding my own business!  Sure, twins really can be double trouble, but for the most part, they aren’t any more “trouble” than your average kid.  Why not say something (if you really must comment) more along the lines of, “Double the love!”  or “Double the kisses” or “Double the hugs!”

One day someone actually had the gall to tell me, “I wouldn’t wish twins on my worst enemy.”


Really?  Who says that to anyone, much less a new mom?  I didn’t even know how to reply because I was so caught off guard by the rudeness.

Again, try saying, “You are so blessed,” or “What beautiful babies,” or “You are doing a good job.”

Please…think before you speak the next time you see a twin mom in public.  Valentine’s Day is as good of a day as any to show ALL moms of twins, singletons or more, a little love.


10 thoughts on “This Valentine’s Day, Show Twin Mamas a Little Love!

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day fellow twin mama! 🙂

  2. Geez! That is awful. I get a lot of questionable comments, but I write it off as people just trying to be friendly in their own weird way. When I am out with the whole herd (walking the dogs) I do get a lot of gee you have your hands full, which to me is a neutral comment. I always smile, and sometimes reply, better full than empty. Overall people are very supportive, so I hope going forward you experience the same thing. Happy Valentines Day to you 🙂

  3. Great advice and I love this post. Although i haven’t had twins I had 3 chub-O-love babies, meaning all of my kids have been SUPER chubby. I swear with my last child I was going to punch the next person that said “wow, she doesn’t miss a meal.” How about “she is adorable” instead.

  4. Ahh…the joys (and struggles) of being a multi-mama! The comments are nerve wracking to say the least. Happy Valentines Day! 🙂

    P.S. I am usually the worst one to say “ignorant” things to….I bite back. 😉

    • LOL–some days I need a few lessons from mamas who know how to bite back well so I can stick up for myself! I am typically caught off guard and just give a crazed look and smile before running away…thanks for stopping by!

  5. Tales of a Twin Mombie

    Amen to this!! How about “double the blessing?” I will take it! 🙂

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