Men: 10 Things She Wants You to Know this Valentine’s Day

Husbands and dads, this post is for you.  The role of mom is a tough one. Whether we work outside of the home or stay home full time, it’s a hard job.  Here are a few things we’d like for you to know for Valentine’s Day but probably don’t tell you very often:


  1. We’d love an excuse to get dressed up for you.  Yoga pants and work clothes get pretty dull some days, and any chance to put on a cute dress and fix up a little bit is welcomed.
  2. Sometimes we are insecure about our looks after pregnancy and nursing and just time passing in general, and we love to hear you say that we are beautiful.  LOVE it.
  3. We miss those quiet nights of snuggling while watching a movie or getting dinner as just the two of us.  We love the kids and wouldn’t trade our lives for the world, but sometimes it is really nice to have an evening where things are like they used to be, even if it’s just for an hour or two.
  4. We greatly appreciate it when you make even the smallest effort to make plans for us.  We mamas tend to take a planning role all day long, and to have someone else say, “We’re going here to dinner tonight and I’ve already called this sitter,” is music to our ears.
  5. Your touch is the best.  Whether it’s a hand on the small of the back when you get home or brushing a wisp of hair out of our faces, the tiniest little gesture like that means you still see the girl you fell in love with underneath the tired mom we see in the mirror.
  6. All of those little things you do, like moving the trash cans to the curb every week, waking up early to shovel snow or proof reading yet another blog post, mean SO much.  We probably don’t say thank you often enough, but our lives are made so much easier by your servant heart for your family.
  7. Little gifts like flowers and chocolate are nice, but spending time together means more in the long run.  We’d rather have $50 concert tickets than $50 of flowers, especially if the concert can be a kids-free event.
  8. Even a small, thoughtful gesture like waking up early to make breakfast for the family is huge.  It shows that you are considerate and caring, and it warms our hearts.  The small things sometimes matter the most.
  9. Playing with and loving our children speaks volumes about you as a man.  We love to see you loving our babies and taking an active, team-player approach in raising kids.
  10. A man running a vacuum or doing the dishes is so sexy.  Thank you for not living in the 1950’s and being a part of all of the household activities which your father may or may not have done.  It shows your commitment to us and to the family.


So guys, I hope this little list can help you come up with a few Valentine’s Day ideas.  A little consideration, a little thought and a lot of love will most likely melt the heart of the woman in your life.  You still have 24 hours to make it happen!

This post was originally published on the Greeley Mom’s page of the Greeley Tribune website:


2 thoughts on “Men: 10 Things She Wants You to Know this Valentine’s Day

  1. That’s a terrific list! I agree with all of it, especially the one which mentions how much we appreciate when the man makes plans for us. I love when my husband calls and says “Hey, don’t cook anything. We’re going out to dinner tonight.” That’s such a lovely sound!

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