Blog of the Year Award?!

I am excited to be nominated for Blog of the Year 2013!  A big thank you goes to Shannon at A Game of Diapers for the nomination.  Blogging is something I truly love to do, and it feels great to know someone is reading what I write.  In true blog award fashion, I get to share my nominees for the award. Supposedly you can be nominated up to six times for this award, so I thankfully got to add a few of my must-read blogs to my nomination list even though they were nominated by Shannon, too.  They can add more stars to their awards!  Here are my nominees in no particular order:

Me — Who am I?

A Game of Diapers

Space Monkey Twins

Scattered, Smothered and Covered


TwinMomLife: A Parenthood Journey

Living, Loving, Learning

Enjoy checking out their blogs! If you do not accept awards or do not have the time to follow up, that’s perfectly fine. I won’t take it personally. Also, to all of the fabulous bloggers I follow and enjoy that I didn’t mention this time around, I appreciate your writing, too. I am so thankful to share a little piece of the blogging world with you. (Thank you, Me — Who am I? for writing such a sweet closing to the blog award you posted a few days ago–I took a note from you here at the end).


6 thoughts on “Blog of the Year Award?!

  1. Tales of a Twin Mombie


  2. Congratulations on the award! Also, thank you for nominating me. I greatly appreciate it!

  3. […] was also nominated for this award by Melissa at Living in the Deep End. Definitely check her blog out! This week she had a post about potty training twins that will make […]

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