A Mama’s Heart on Fire

The past few weeks I have been struggling immensely with finding peace, finding joy and finding my purpose.

Staying home with my girls is what I know I’m supposed to do and what I know is best for our family, and ninety percent of the time it’s where my heart is, too.

It’s on those other 10 percent of the days when I struggle, though, and it seems like I had a long string of those tough days thanks to sick babies and bitterly cold weather which left us all cooped up and on top of one another with a little too much togetherness.

Lots of prayers, tears and listening to God has given me an amazing clarity about it all, and this is the first of a series of blog posts about having a heart on fire for God even when you’re drowning in the deep end with taking care of your family and yourself.  (I hope all moms, stay at home and working, can find some encouragement because I think we are all in the deep end with our every day lives.)

Let me share this with you first, though.  I have never seen myself as someone who should share her spiritual journey.  Although I am passionate about serving my Lord, I feel like my journey isn’t one which will be the basis for a book on how to be close to God.  It is so hard for me to make time to read my Bible or complete a Bible study or do all of those “things” I feel like define a strong relationship with our God, and I don’t feel worthy to share anything about my spiritual life with others because I feel like I have so much growing left to do.

I am just an average mom who hates housework, isn’t very crafty, and has no shame about skipping a shower to snuggle a sick baby for a day or two.  But I love God and my family with all of my heart, and I want to find a way to be on fire for my God every single day.

Through my feelings of inadequacy and struggles, God has been whispering to me to try, to listen, to share my journey and my struggles and sit back and see what He can do.  So that’s what this new series, A Heart on Fire, will be about.

I’d love to have you join me on this journey.  We all need a little more hope and joy each day!


6 thoughts on “A Mama’s Heart on Fire

  1. We could all use some encouragement, especially being a stay at home mother/wife/worker. Finding purpose (besides the amazing and needed raising of a family) is the key and so far the hardest part I’ve yet to find. I’m looking forward to your series.

    • Thank you! I am excited to share and see what I learn along the way. Sometimes I think just accepting raising a family as a purpose and calling is a big step in finding joy…we’ll see! Thanks for stopping by!

      • You’re right. That’s a big step. Plus, raising children is the biggest and most important job of all. I suppose my seeking comes from my son now being in school 8 hours a day.

  2. Great thoughts, Sweetie…so proud of you and your ability to evaluate what is going on in your life and where you want to head with your precious family. Remember, life is a journey, not a destination! You are doing a fantastic job with my grandgirls! Love you!

  3. […] in the back of my mind. However, a week or so after my prayer for God to change my attitude (see A Mama’s Heart on Fire and The Best Day Ever), I realized how much I have been waiting for a non-existent, ideal […]

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