Finding Perfect Peace in an Imperfect Season: A Mama’s Heart on Fire

When the girls start preschool, I’ll be so much happier.
When we decide to have another baby and the count down to going back to work starts, I’ll be so much happier.
When we have a bigger backyard, I’ll be so much happier.
When I finally make some money on my writing, I’ll be so much happier.
When I’m more organized and my junk drawer will finally close, I’ll be so much happier.
When I figure out how to be on time everywhere, I’ll be so much happier.
When I can go to the gym five days a week, I’ll be so much happier.
When I finally have a freezer full of Pinterest-inspired crock pot meals, I’ll be so much happier.
When my girls are fully potty-trained, I’ll be so much happier. (This one turned out to be semi-true! Ha!)

These are just a sampling of my thoughts which seem to always linger in the back of my mind. However, a week or so after my prayer for God to change my attitude (see A Mama’s Heart on Fire and The Best Day Ever), I realized how much I have been waiting for a non-existent, ideal world for my happiness instead of celebrating and finding peace in the season God has given me today.

Is my life perfect now? A few months ago I would have laughed hysterically at that question and answered with a big NO, but now I can see that while it’s not perfect by any worldly standards, it’s the perfect place which God has chosen for me to be right now. Today, in this messy and chaotic season of my life, is exactly where I’m supposed to be. It’s absolutely perfect by God’s standard, and that is the only standard that matters.

I am sad for the time I have lost in adjusting to and wishing away this season; however, I’m not going to lose any more time by hanging on to regrets. I’m ready to be content and even joyful in this exact season of my life instead of always waiting for something to change, an I believe it’s a huge step in living a joyful, heart-on-fire-for-God life.

Psalms 118: 24

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

I wish I had a list next for 10 Ways to Find Joy Today, but I’m only on the beginning of my journey and have so much to learn. I will say, though, that earnest prayer for God to show you how to change your attitude is an amazing way to start. He just needs an invitation from a willing heart!

Do you find yourself waiting on the future to be happy? Do you have any wisdom to share on finding joy in the current season of your life? I love hearing from you–it reminds me I’m not alone in the deep end!


6 thoughts on “Finding Perfect Peace in an Imperfect Season: A Mama’s Heart on Fire

  1. Not sure what advice I have, but blogging helps 🙂 Love connecting with other mama’s in similar situations out there. Today I took a walk in the snow and it was pretty beautiful outside, and peaceful. (Trying not to think, when spring comes I’ll be happy! Ha.)

  2. Thanks! Blogging is a great way to process and connect and remember we’re not alone. And really…regardless of wishing away today, spring really can’t come soon enough! Ha!

  3. It’s such an easy rut to get into. I lost my former relationship because we were both always looking forward to the next thing: going overseas, getting good jobs, and not focusing on what was happening around us. If you’re always focused on the future being better you’ll never reach it. I say this as if it’s easy to do what you’re doing, but I know it’s not! Good work!

    • So well said–you’ll never reach the future if you’re always looking for things to be better. And it is such an easy rut to fall into and a harder one to climb out of…ugh! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I learned this lesson the hard way when we were ttc. My entire life was so focused around my cycle day and next test all the sudden I realized almost a year had gone by and I had nothing to show for it. Now I enjoy every moment. Often even the bad ones aren’t as bad as we think they are. I don’t know if you read my articles but the brain goes into primal mode when we are stressed making things seem worse then they are. I think a sense of humor helps too, because if you can laugh at yourself that helps too.

    • Ooh–TTC is such a hard road! I was very similar–so stressed and hyper-focused that little else seemed to register. I really feel for women who are there…it’s miserable. I could have used some perfect peace back then for sure. I’ll have to go read your article about stress and the brain–you always have great information! 🙂

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