Kicking Out the Kardashians

The latest Vogue cover featuring Kim, Kanye and North has me thinking…when will the Kardashians ever go away? Why did our society allow them to become famous in the first place?

For a family of little talent who set off a reality television craze in our country, you’d think their 15 minutes of fame would have been over a few years ago.

Why is it that they are SO popular in America? Are we really a country of brainless zombies who think we want to be like these people? They don’t seem overly charitable or generous, and I’m not seeing any kind of motivation or drive (except when it comes to seeking fame) that I’d like to emulate one day. I especially don’t want my daughters to think of any of them as role models.

I admit (although begrudgingly) that I watched a *few* episodes of E’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” in its first seasons. Ok, maybe it was every episode. I was young and stupid—please don’t judge me.

It was kind of like a train wreck: so shocking and painful that I couldn’t turn my eyes away. I know it’s a lame excuse, but it’s true. They don’t have much of a filter when it comes to appropriate conversations with each other, and the obsession with clothing and make-up and style takes over their lives.

I admit: I played a part in helping them rise to fame by boosting their ratings every week. Now I’m working hard to help undo this Kardashian-monster I had a part in creating.

Once my girls came two years ago, I realized if I wanted the Kardashians to go away before my girls were paying attention to popular culture, I needed to do my part and turn off my television when an episode was airing. I decided to stop giving them any ratings from the DeBusk household.

I sneakily tuned in a few weeks ago when I was at the gym (someone else had surely been watching it earlier, so I couldn’t have been boosting their ratings by tuning back in, right?), and I caught a clip that was brazen enough to make me flip the channel and stick by my earlier Kardashian boycott.

It was an episode when Kim was preparing for the birth of North (there’s another reason not to watch the show—who names a baby North West?), and she talked about having her “glam squad” on standby for the weeks leading up to her birth. She decided she didn’t want her baby to see her mother for the first time without full makeup and hair done.

Moms, how many of you had your “glam squad” prep you before your newborn baby saw you for the first time? Can a person be any farther disconnected with reality than wanting their newborn to see them in full makeup and eyelashes? Why do they call it reality tv?

This is absolutely not the way I want my daughters to be. I want my girls to be down-to-earth enough to realize the relationship between a mama and newborn baby is absolutely magical and has nothing whatsoever to do with makeup or perfect hair. I want them to know what is appropriate conversation to have in public, and I want them to realize that 15 minutes of fame is not all it’s cracked up to be (see my post about ABC’s The Bachelor). I want my girls to have a talent, a job and work ethic. I want my girls to define success by more than a photoshoot in a big magazine. I want my girls to give their children more respectable names than North West.

Kim, Kanye and the rest of the Kardashian clan, I’m sick of you and your family. Please, please give us all a break and fly under the radar for a while. And if any of you tune in to their horrid reality television (no judgement here) or want to buy a magazine filled with their photos and gossip, think twice about whether you really want to support the Kardashian craziness any longer. Our country and kids deserve better role models.

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6 thoughts on “Kicking Out the Kardashians

  1. “Glam Squad”–ha! Seems like the glam squad is more about potential TV viewers than the newborn baby. Sad. Funny, but mostly sad.

  2. I lived out of the country for many years and during that time the Kardashian’s grew to fame. I still don’t understand what happened. Totally bizarre.

  3. I agree… to a point. Keeping up with the Kardashians got me through a break up. When my exboyfriend of 6 years and I broke up I was pretty devastated, and for a good week could hardly do anything. In that time the Kardashians became the perfect white noise to blank out my miserable thoughts. I paired it up with The Hills for the ultimate in mind numbing viewing.
    While I agree wholeheartedly that I would not want my daughter looking up to these ladies as role models, I guess there is a market for this kind of brain numbing tv.
    My other thought is that even if the Kardashians disappear, by the time our little ones are conscious of this kind of thing there is bound to be some other media startlet, or family of startlets hogging the limelight. I guess it just means we need to make sure our kids know what’s important and to look at these things critically. Heck, I’d like to think that when the Peanut is in her 20s and going through a break up, there is something for her to watch to make it just a bit easier!

    • I agree with both points! I have enjoyed many hours of mind numbing tv, too, and there is definitely a market for it in our society. Some days you just need a break. I just never saw them in the same light once I was a mom.
      And yes–once the Kardashians are gone, someone will undoubtedly fill the vacuum they leave behind. Our kids need great guidance from us to find appropriate role models.
      Great thoughts!!

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