Don’t Discount Public Schools

Whatever type of education you choose for your child, it is your choice. I support you! If public schools are an option, I’d encourage you to give them a second look. Here’s this week’s post for the Greeley Tribune:

Thanks for reading and sharing if you choose.

In other news, we listed and accepted a contract on our house last week! A month of prepping the house and cleaning up after two toddlers has left blogging on the very bottom of my to-do list. Now that we are under contract, though, I have some time to do more than paint trim and organized closets. Watch for a Mama’s Heart on Fire post soon. I have been AWOL on reading and commenting on all of your fabulous blogs, and I am so sorry. I will do my best to play catch up. I’ve missed my WordPress friends!


4 thoughts on “Don’t Discount Public Schools

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I wholeheartedly agree! I went to public school when I was younger, and I’m surprised and saddened that anyone would make another parent feel bad for sending their kid to a public school. I would hope the majority would attend public schools and get involved, making public school the best it can be. And yes, supporting the teachers! I am shocked and disgusted by the backlash against teachers in the media the past few years, which is so misguided and sad. Teachers? Really?

    As you say, parents are the moral compass for their kids, and I agree its important for kids to have exposure to other cultures and beliefs. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks! And I agree–teachers have unfairly been targeted lately in the media. It’s not like it’s the highest paying or most sought-after job around…teachers need all of the good publicity they can get to encourage people to choose teaching as a profession. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. ps: congrats on the house!! 🙂

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