Marriage, Kids and Happiness: Changing the Statistics

Are you married with kids? Are you married and considering having kids? Do you want to be married with kids some day? If so, this post is for you. There are some startling statistics concerning marriage and happiness in couples who have kids, and we need to work hard to change them. Here is the link to my Thursday post for the Greeley Moms–please share it if you like it!


In other news, we just found out we can lease back our house from the buyers until our new house is completed in the fall. This means no more packing and planning to move twice like we thought, and this also means regular blogging and WordPress reading can begin next week! Thanks for reading as always, especially since I’ve been so terrible at reading and commenting in the past two months.


2 thoughts on “Marriage, Kids and Happiness: Changing the Statistics

  1. Yes, I miss the monthly date nights my husband and I used to have before we moved! That time was invaluable. Have to start that up again.

  2. Absolutely! Date nights are so important. It’s so hard to find a good babysitter and get into a routine after moving. Thanks for stopping by–I am terribly behind on reading your posts and have missed hearing about your adventures! Finally, finally I’m re-entering the WordPress world. Thanks for not writing me off in my absence, and Happy Easter!

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