The Deep End is Growing Deeper!

Friends, I have missed you. Our lives got so crazy this spring with selling our house, building a house, moving into the new house and finding out I was pregnant that I don’t think I’ve had a second to stop and think, much less blog, in the past six months.

Yes, in April of 2015, we’ll be adding a third little girl to our family. We are overjoyed, and I’m so thankful to be feeling better and have some extra time once again to spend writing.

In other news, the blog turned two this summer! No big birthday parties or anything–it was a milestone I thought I’d celebrate, but life just had other plans. Also, our Greeley Moms blog which I’ve continued blogging with weekly is being shut down due to funding issues. I’m not sure how they weren’t able to make money when none of the writers were paid, but I guess life is tough in the newspaper world.

That just leaves me more time for writing for all of you and for a new group I’ll be joining, Rocky Parenting.

Stay sane, my friends. Can’t wait to share more.

What’s new with you?


6 thoughts on “The Deep End is Growing Deeper!

  1. Congratulations!! When I saw the title of your post my first thought was, another baby? That’s such exciting news. Very happy to see you back!

  2. Thanks! We are thrilled. :). I’m glad to be back and was catching up on your blog–glad you are back, too! Your little one is just precious!

  3. Congrats, Melissa!! Stay warm in your new house.

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  4. Hi welcome back! I’ve missed you here. That sounds like a lot going on. And congratulations!! What big news. I’m from a family of three girls and I have to say it’s pretty awesome 🙂

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