The Perpetual Search for Perfect Swimwear

Swimsuit shopping with my new “mom” body has been quite a nightmare…can you relate? Here’s this week’s post for the Greeley Moms:

What do you think? Have you had a similar experience? Thanks for reading and sharing!


Expecting Twins?




One of my very dearest friends found out just last week she is expecting twins.  Twins!  The really exciting part is my friend also has a toddler who is almost the same age as my girls (just turning 2), so she will be living in the very deep end in a few short months.

We have been talking twins, twins and TWINS lately because of her news, and I thought some of our conversations might be helpful or useful for other moms out there who are in the deep end, too.  I’d love to add on to it with advice from other mamas out there in the blogging world!

Ten Things You Need to Know About Your Twin Pregnancy

  1. Let yourself feel the spectrum of emotions:  Fearful, excited, joyful, overwhelmed…and then take a deep breath and say a prayer of thankfulness.  God sees something in you or He wouldn’t be blessing you with these babies.  You can do this!
  2. Order or borrow the Dr. Luke book ASAP.  It will be your scary best friend for the next few months.
  3. Be prepared to be frustrated with the lack of twin pregnancy info out there.  Almost all of the pregnancy websites and apps are only devoted to a singleton pregnancy, and twins are a different ball game.  This is why the Dr. Luke book is so important.
  4. You will likely need maternity clothes pretty early.  Try to buy your tops 1-2 sizes bigger than what you would think you’ll need. I had a sales person at Motherhood Maternity find me some tunic-type tops that she thought I could “size jump” in, meaning they wouldn’t look too big to wear right away and would give me plenty of room to cover a giant twin belly in a few weeks.  Those were the only tops I could still wear in the final weeks…all of the cute medium and small tops I bought in the beginning couldn’t cover my belly at the end!
  5. Find and connect with other twin moms as soon as you can.  I was fortunate enough to have a very close cousin who had twins (and bought me the Dr. Luke book!) and who was an amazing resource for me.  I also “stalked” a twin mom in Target to ask about her double stroller, and we became friends.  She and the other twin moms I met along the way were a HUGE help to me.
  6. Consider seeing a high-risk obstetrician or a maternal-fetal specialist.  You may decide you want to have extra eyes on your babies and to track your cervical length to prevent pre-term labor.  This high-risk OB can just be on your team with your normal OB and not take over your care.  It’s a personal choice especially if you are having a healthy pregnancy, but it’s one of those things you don’t want to look back after you’ve encountered some unexpected problem and say, “I wish I had seen an additional doctor.”  These doctors specialize in twins and can give you additional reassurance and opinions throughout your pregnancy.
  7. When friends and family find out you’re having twins, you may get some unusual questions.  Everyone wants to know about fertility treatments or “natural” babies…your fertility suddenly becomes an acceptable topic of conversation when you’re having twins!  Don’t be afraid to politely smile and change the topic.
  8. Try to stay off of the internet because so many scary and sad twin pregnancy stories are out there.  You don’t want to be extra stressed, and not all twins are born incredibly premature.  Many twin moms carry their babies to full term!
  9. Work on nursery preparations as early as you can just in case you are too tired or on bed rest during the final weeks of your pregnancy.  The final weeks of a twin pregnancy are exhausting.  You’ll likely be measuring WAY ahead (I was measuring 46 weeks at my 37 week appointment–as big as a singleton pregnancy that is 6 weeks overdue!) and will be tired at the end.  Knowing your house is ready to bring the babies home will make it easier on you to rest at the end.
  10. Before buying any twin gear, visit with a few different twin mamas or read a few different twin blogs.  There are some things you might not need to buy in a pair and others which you absolutely MUST have two.  The same goes for strollers–do some research with mamas who have been there before you buy anything.  (I found one double stroller I was given was too bulky for me to manage by myself and wouldn’t fit in any doorways, and the stroller I ended up buying AFTER getting recommendations from other twin moms was absolutely worth it.)


Okay twin mamas–what else needs to go on this Top Ten for a Twin Pregnancy list?  Let’s help my friend out!  If you’d like to share a link to your twin blog, I’m sure she’d appreciate that, too, so feel free to post a link in the comments!

Finally. . .

I have intended to start this blog since the last few weeks of my pregnancy in January.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mentally blogged in the past months. . .every time something comical or unexpected or just plain crazy happens, I think about how much I’d enjoy blogging about it.  Even though my twin girls are a whopping four and a half months old, today is the first day since they’ve been born when I’ve had the energy and time to sit and finally give it a go.  Granted, my bed isn’t made, there are clean dishes in the dishwasher and a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, I haven’t washed my hair in two days AND my extra room downstairs could literally be featured in the promo to an episode of “Hoarders,” but  I just don’t care today–I am getting this started!!  I set up my account one-handed on my iPad while nursing the girls for the fourth time today if you don’t count our middle of the night feedings (not that I even remember how many of those we had last night!), and I’m praying I’ll have a few minutes while the girls are napping to get my first post written.


 The Munchkins at 3 months. Love those smiles!

When we first found out we were having twins, my OB lovingly told my husband and me:  “Oh boy, you two are jumping into the deep end of the pool for sure!  This is some serious business!”  Dustin and I would politely laugh and then roll our eyes on the way out of the exam room, thinking the OB was just a little off his rocker.  After about three weeks at home with our babies, though, it suddenly clicked.  We were both holding a screaming baby at about 11:30 at night, and all of the family who had come to help us had left.  Neither of us had slept more than an hour and a half at once since the girls were born, and we had only left the house with them for absolutely necessary trips to the pediatrician and one epically disastrous trip to Babies-R-Us.  I remember staring at Dustin and shaking my head as we both walked the floor for the hundredth time with our designated daughter, saying, “Dr. A was right.  We are swimming in the deep end of the pool–this is crazy!”  Dustin nodded back, and we talked about all of the trips and adventures of our friends and family with one baby and how having two really does change everything.  We wouldn’t trade it for the world, though!

Our daughters are nothing less than miraculous!  We went down a long journey of infertility and heartbreak before I found out I was pregnant in June of 2011, and they are truly blessings from God.  My pregnancy was amazingly uneventful, and I carried the girls to 37 and a half weeks and delivered them perfectly healthy and strong at the end of January in 2012. I think I could write a thousand blog posts about infertility, but that’s definitely not for today.

Before my sleeping beauties awake and interrupt my few minutes of precious blogging time, I have to share the humor that was floating in my head for my very first blog idea back at the end of my pregnancy.  Here are the top 10 things no one tells you about being pregnant with twins:

1.  You will never see your ankles nor feet again, including those tiny little delicate bones in your feet.  The swelling and giant belly will change them forever. . .or at least until the fluid from the c-section and pregnancy disappears a month after giving birth).

2.  Everyone else is an expert in the size of a person carrying twins.  I know people were well-meaning, but I can’t tell you how many times I’d hear, “You are too small to be carrying twins!”  I’d just smile and bite my tongue and then tell them how many weeks ahead I’d measured at my last appointment.  I seriously had someone tell me this the day I delivered, and I had 11 pounds of baby on board and was measuring a whopping 46 weeks. . .too small for twins?  You have to be kidding me!!


Me only 2.5 days before the girls were born. I measured 46 weeks (meaning this is how big I’d be expected to be if I were 6 weeks over-due with one baby).

3.  When people declare you are too small, they will sometimes explain themselves in interesting and somewhat insulting ways.  I had a co-worker of my husband’s (who, granted, may have been slightly intoxicated at the time) who told me:  “Wow, you look great.  I mean, I hate to say it, but I thought you’d be huge.  Like, really, really, huge.  Even your face looks great.  I just thought you’d be HUGE!”  So I think she complimented me while also telling me she was expecting me to be Shamu in a Christmas party dress. . .

4.  That weird line on your belly that some of us lucky ones get will keep growing with your belly. . .and growing. . .and growing. . .

5.  The veins on the belly don’t do much to hide the line.  Not that I expected them to work together or anything, but wow. . .nothing says sexy like having a blue road map on your abs.

6.  Wearing flip flops in January in Northern Colorado won’t seem unusual at all, even if there’s snow on the ground.  And a coat?  Who needs it!!

7.  A leaky bladder and your water breaking are two very similar events, so just pray you have a mother close by who can sniff your wet sweat pants and tell the difference.  I wish I could say I was kidding. . .I love you, Mama!

8.  You might remember the last time you barfed with morning sickness (the stupidity of that name could be another LONG blog!) because it happened to be after your anniversary dinner.

9.  You might end up knowing all of the nurses in labor and delivery by name after making FOUR trips to triage. . .

10.  You may have to beg your husband to paint your toenails just once so that you can wear cute sandals to a wedding in Arizona.  If he agrees, be prepared to teach “Toenail Painting 101” to make sure you don’t end up with nails that look like they were finger painted.

And a bonus number eleven. . .forget all of the grand ideas of working out and being that cute little pregnant lady at the gym or running down the street.  Nausea and exhaustion will kick in way before any desire to exercise!

I’ve had a baby in my lap since item number six. . .I love life in the deep end!  What other items would you add to the list of things no one told you about pregnancy?